To New Beginnings

Almost a year ago I did not know that I would be writing my last blog post on my previous blog. As those final few months of school passed I did not realise that I neglected a big part of my life, my blog. After spending hours of studying my inspiration was running low and it did so for the next few months to come. Recently however I have had the desire to start my blog up again but from a fresh start. 

Often one has to move on from the past and open a new chapter for the future. And that is what I have done with this blog. I have always been a perfectionist with my work and looking back at my old blog I felt dissatisfied and decided that I needed a change. 

I simply decided I wanted this blog to be a memoir of my life. A recollection of my experiences, thoughts, inspirations, dreams, likes and dislikes. Something to look back upon and rememisce on my life's story. It is never too late to start again. So here I am full of new ideas and inspiration ready to show you who I am.