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Instagram Update #1

The past month has been an exciting and stressful period in my life. I got through three projects, three essays and four tests. On top of that I managed to keep my love and social life on top form when my boyfriend came down, from Durban, to visit twice in one month. From pulling out my hair to tasting wine at Groot Constantia, I think I did a pretty good job. These Instagram posts resemble the few incredible days that I got to share with my boyfriend and my friends throughout the past month. Follow me on Instagram for more regular updates. My Instagram account is: chelseamoore2 . Hope you all are having an incredible week and would love to read your blogs, so link them in the comments down below.

Da Vincis - Cape Town

This post is extremely over due but I decided to write it anyway. Last November/December I joined my boyfriend and his friends at the restaurant, Da Vincis, in Town. Da Vincis is situated on Kloof Street and has a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. Upon arrival I could already see the promising potential it held. Good food, good cocktails and good company resulted in the perfect summers day. 

The menu had a variety of options to choose from that my boyfriend and I couldn't decide on one meal each but rather we spilt our two meals in half. This gave us the pleasant opportunity to taste the delicious options in front of us. I am normally not a "salad person" but the Stick Sesame Chicken which consisted of chicken breast strips with sesame seed, greens, peppadews, cherry tomatoes and avocado was the best salad I have ever tasted. The pizza as well was cooked to perfection. The thin based pizza cooked in a wood-fire oven totally blew away my expectations since I like to find myself the professional "taster" of the avo, bacon and feta pizza combo. 

Cape Town has many hidden treasures and I am still on the mission to find and conquer them. Hopefully I get back into my blog because I have been very slack since university started. Trust me to find the sudden burst of inspiration a week before I write my first exam. Please feel free to comment your opinions of Da Vincis or recommend new places for me to try out this upcoming vacation.