What's In My Bag?

A girl's handbag is an attachment to her body. It contains all her essentials she needs on a daily basis. I am one who does not like to clutter my bag with unnecessary items. Girls who keep their entire life in their handbag often struggle to find what they are looking for. As for me... What you see if what you get. 

I am not adventurous with handbags. The standard black one will do me just fine. I like classic, black and simple. The one I am using currently is a Peridot leather black backpack. It is big enough just to fit my necessities in. 

Currently in my bag:

1) Spitfire Sunglasses - the trusty old sunglasses that should be broken by now but have survived many adventures. 

2) Iphone 5s 

3) A pen that is currently working -  it is a struggle to find a working pen...

4) Snob Mac lipstick & Labello - Got to keep my lips hydrated. Snob in my opinion is a bit to pink but it is good if I need to quickly brighten up my look. Currently on the hunt for a pink/nude lipstick... Problem is that I am indecisive. 

5) Muvit portable charger - It is small and compact so it does not take up space in my bag. Recently got it so opinions have not been formed yet. 

6) Fossil purse - This purse is my dream purse, fits everything and even has space for my phone. The colour is a rich burgundy and fits in well with my everyday wardrobe. 

7) Typo diary & notebook - Radically over the past year I have become organised. Honestly I think it is because university became super busy and I decided to take on 3 jobs. 

Hope this post helped you see what is necessary to keep in your handbag, enlightened you about me or kept you busy while you procrastinated. Probably the latter.