Truth Coffee Cape Town


Truth Coffee is a cafe situated on Buitekant Street in Cape Towns central business district. Its rustic vibe creates a relaxing ambiance to sip a good cup of coffee in the morning. I am not exactly the biggest coffee lover myself but when I heard such great review from my friend I made it my mission to come check it out once I was on holiday from university. My boyfriend and I made our way early in the morning (07:30) to try this coffee after taking a long stroll on the promenade in Sea Point (upload photos later). 

The coffee did not disappoint me but on the other  hand my boyfriend who drinks coffee every day said it was not the greatest cup he has tried. Although the coffee was not a win on both sides the breakfast was great. Since we went there so early we decided to indulge in a hefty healthy breakfast. I chose scrambled eggs where as my boyfriend chose a omelette. Both perfectly cooked. Those fried tomatoes also gave me the thrills. 

Customer service could have been improved and the waitress could have smiled a little more and been friendlier. But maybe at 07:30 in the morning she was still waking up and did not have her coffee yet. Next cafe on the list is Yours Truly but lets save that for later on in the holidays.

 Cafe Latte

Scrambled eggs with fried tomatoes on toast 

Omelette with camembert