The Spice Route


Friday was the beginning of my one week university holiday and someone super special flew down from Durban to come spend the first weekend with me. To make the most of our time, we jam packed our Saturday with activities. We first started off with a coffee date but it was also an important meeting that Matty needed to attend. I decided to treat myself to a hazelnut latte from Mug and Bean while waiting for him to finish. I also browsed around the shops in Constantia Village until it was time to start our little adventure. After picking up his two close friends we started our way to the Spice Route. To be honest I had never heard of the Spice Route before until my one friend recently filled me in. But OH BOY was I delighted! 

The Spice Route is a cluster of white buildings, on one plot of land, situated on the outskirts of Paarl. The Spice Route included an incredible array of options such as The Cape Brewery Company beer tasting, De Villiers Chocolate tasting, wine and biltong tasting. This place is certainly pandoras treasure box. At Barley and Biltong I decided to have the special pulled pork burger, which was the best decision I had the whole day. Now upon experiencing the Spice Route I shall definitely recommend it to tourists who want a relaxing South African experience.

After the Spice Route we took a trip to Stellenbosch where Matty and I decided to visit Peter Velke again. Last year we had decided to go there for wine tasting for a special date. Revisiting Peter Velke brought back many happy memories for us. Peter Velke wine tasting is definitely underrated. The wine is incredible and the ambiance created is refreshing. The view isn't bad either, considering we arrived just in time to watch the beautiful sunset (warning: I did not have my camera on me and my iPhone was used as a substitute).

I honestly had one of the best weekends of this year and having to share it with friends and my special someone made it even better. Hopefully we shall have many more of these adventures to come.